Jobortunity Income Donation Sources

Donations received in the year 4 Sep. 2020 - 24 Nov. 2021

Income FromAmount in TZS.Date
Jobortunity Netherlands32,841,650.4904/09/2020
Jobortunity Netherlands13,588,201.9819/10/2020
Segal Family Foundation11,531,560.0003/11/2020
Segal Family Foundation47,471,089.5003/12/2020
Segal Family Foundation17,324,089.5003/03/2021
Segal Family Foundation17,323,753.3303/05/2021
Jobortunity Netherlands16,482,000.0021/06/2021
Jobortunity Netherlands16,251,915.7426/07/2021
Segal Family Foundation21,957,775.0003/08/2021
Segal Family Foundation6,922,215.0007/09/2021
Jobortunity Netherlands10,828,307.2427/09/2021
Global Giving4,455,284.6927/10/2021
Segal Family Foundation19,540,862.9001/11/2021
Jobortunity Netherlands8,393,099.9924/11/2021

To help us run the daily operations smoothly and reach our target – which is to aid as many vulnerable youth as possible between the age of 18 – 25, get good employment and bridge the gap between companies and good employees, we take the honor of mentioning the few well-wishers and supporters of out course.

Quarterly Report

Quarterly Report

A summary of key activities and achievements in the last 3 months. Looking forward to develop and discover

Annual Report

Annual Report

You are welcome to peruse our Annual Report which details major activities and events that we undertook, our