Job Matching

Job Matching is a service aimed at helping companies in Tanzania get the right employees who have gone through a rigorous Hi5 training here in Jobortunity. The aim is to create an employment pipe-line between companies searching for right employees and Jobortunity graduates who are available for the job market.

Step 1

Define Needs

Companies interested with Job Matching send us a list of requirements as per the job vacancy(ies) they are trying to fill.

Step 2

Terms & Conditions

The Company's needs are defined in this clause . This is signed by both parties for the matching to begin.

Step 3


Jobortunity analyses the profiles of its over 500 graduates, and contacts and screens candidates who best meet the Job description(s).

Step 4

Company Interview

Candidates attend interviews at a date set by the company.

Step 5

Selection and Engagement

Hopefully one of the candidates is a fit and the company makes an offer of engagement and complete the process as per the terms and conditions.

Step 6

Company Contribution

As per the Terms & Conditions, the company makes an agreed contribution to Jobortunity for the matching services.