Jobortunity provides Hi5 Job Matching as a service to businesses in the hospitality sector. It creates a link between our partner companies and our alumni.

Over 560 unemployed and unskilled young Tanzanians have received training through Jobortunity in the meantime; 75% of them are now engaged in the hospitality sector as servers, cooks, receptionists, storekeepers, customer care agents, and gardeners. Almost 100 young students are still enrolled in their one-year Hi5 training for youth program, which comprised eight months of practical training in one of the 150 organizations with which we partner. Once they have completed the program, they will be prepared to begin working. Our graduates are young professionals who are prepared to work in the hospitality sector and have the correct attitude for the job.

Sometimes graduates want to change careers and look for a better job, the next step in their career. We know our graduates and can advise you! What are your requirements, and which profiles contain the candidate you seek? We have the answers to all of your questions and can advise you on who to choose because we had all of our graduates in class for a full year. We recognize them. Their strengths, but also weakness!
Hi5 Job Matching can be extremely beneficial in your search for qualified employees. If you are interested and want to learn more, please call and we will gladly inform you of the terms and conditions.

The matching


Step 1

Define Needs
Companies interested with Job Matching send us a list of requirements as per the job vacancy(ies) they are trying to fill.

Step 2

Terms & Conditions
The Company's needs are defined in this clause . This is signed by both parties for the matching to begin.

Step 3

Jobortunity analyses the profiles of its over 500 graduates, and contacts and screens candidates who best meet the Job description(s).

Step 4

Company interview
Candidates attend interviews at a date set by the company.

Step 5

Selection and Engagement
Hopefully one of the candidates is a fit and the company makes an offer of engagement and complete the process as per the terms and conditions.

Step 6

Company contribution
As per the Terms & Conditions, the company makes an agreed contribution to Jobortunity for the matching services.