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Hi5 For Youth

The 1-year Hi5 Professional Development Course is designed by Jobortunity and trains youth that are motivated to obtain employment.

This Hi5 course boosts students’ professional development and life. Our graduates call it: “Hi5 is the key for life”! After 1 year, graduates have the knowledge, skills and right attitude to obtain and keep a job.

The training and personal coaching instill the skills needed for youth to successfully engage with the constantly-changing professional world.

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The 1-year Hi5 Professional Development Course consists of two phases:

Phase l: The first 4 months are an intensive Hi5 training of 5 days a week from 9am till 5pm at Jobortunity. These months we focus on all the Hi5 fingers in order to obtain the right attitude and knowledge to work in a company.

Phase ll: After successfully finishing phase l the students start their 8-month apprenticeship (mafunzo kwa vitendo kazini) in a company. This is a professional field training through the support of the supervisor at the company and Jobortunity. Students are trained in a specific profession; via on-the-job training combined with accompanying study. During the 8-month apprenticeship (mafunzo kwa vitendo kazini) the employers teach the students the skills they need for their profession. One week per month the students return to Jobortunity to obtain classroom Hi5 training. This way the knowledge they learn in the classroom can immediately be applied at the apprenticeship (mafunzo kwa vitendo kazini).

Career Perspective

Jobs students can do during their apprenticeship and after graduation:

  • Waiter

  • Cook

  • Administrator/ Office Assistant

  • Housekeeper

  • Receptionist

  • Gardener

  • Porter

  • Guest Relation Attendant

  • Customer Service Officer

  • Storekeeper

… and many more. After Graduation students obtain a Hi5 certificate and are ready to embark on employment in the service industry. Our track record: over 75% of Jobortunity graduates, who are searching actively, find a job in the service industry.

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Hi5 Training makes you the employee all companies dream off

Graduates 2011



Selection Criteria

Education Level

Minimum Standard 7- Maximum form 4

Basic Literacy

Reading, Writing and Basic Math

Course Fee

Jobs students can do during their apprenticeship and after graduation:

The full 1 year Hi5 Professional Development Course is TZS 645,000 per student which can be contributed in full or in 3 installments. TZS 500,000,- will be contributed by the company during the apprenticeship adding to the student’s contribution fee.

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Or collect the application form at Jobortunity for TSH 5,000


We believe that all youth deserve a chance to study and get a good job. Therefore, also youth with limited financial means are welcome at Jobortunity. We are happy to help them with our scholarship program.

The full course contribution is TSH 585,000,-. With the scholarship students only having to contribute TSH 250,000,- themselves. The rest will be contributed back during apprenticeship (mafunzo kwa vitendo kazini) and by Jobortunity. During their apprenticeship students get TSH 400,000,- contribution from the companies, then the students give this contribution to Jobortunity. Jobortunity will cover the rest of the course contribution as the actual costs are TZS 2.000.000.

CTA: Are you motivated and do you want to further develop your career and skills? Are you looking for a job in the service industry but lack finances for training?

APPLY for our scholarship program.

Who can apply?

Are you in the age of 18-25 years? And are you motivated to make a change in your life? Do you speak a bit of English? Then get an application form and come for the selection days!