We do

We exist to transform the lives of youth in Tanzania by making them employable. We offer youth, companies, schools, and communities an opportunity to change their trajectory.  Jobortunity has had far reaching impact/implications for the community and the nation – It helps the economy, break the cycle of generational poverty, and creates a talent pipeline for employers. In the past 13 years, youth have become self-reliant, are employable and retain jobs. Companies built the performance of their staff by hiring graduates and/or via the training, coaching, job matching and institutional support offered. For all, Jobortunity uses its own designed Hi5 method to train and coach people into confident professionals with the right attitude. Our main goal is to instill 21st century skills transforming lives, businesses, schools, and communities.


for youth

The 1-year Hi5 professional development course trains youth that are motivated to work develop themselves. Using our proprietary curriculum (Hi5 approach), we develop youths into confident professionals with the right attitude and 21st century skills.


for companies

We work with companies and organisations towards motivated staff with a positive and professional attitude using our Hi5 Method. We offer several courses modules which can be tailor made. Customers have been hotels, lodges, schools, NGOs, agricultural companies, …


for schools

For any graduate to be successful in obtaining a job and developing a career, interpersonal and employ-ability skills are key for all students to possess: any where in the world for any degree or occupation! Up to day, Jobortunity trained  hundreds of youth of education facilities in Arusha and Dar es Salaam. The youth trained were students enrolled in the …


for communities

Our graduates get to extend their appreciation to their communities by giving back in terms of doing volunteer work i.e. ‘paying it forward’: Addressing their neighborhoods on important matters regarding the need to have positive attitude and an open mind in life …