Giving back

to the community

As part of the Hi5 approach, Jobortunity gives back to the community, and we are able to teach this to our students through the “Pay it forward” idea as part of their Hi5 training course. For the past 10-years this has been part of our in-house training as well out of class and now we aim to impact further into our communities through our social outreach program.

Our graduates practice this when they visit schools from which they used to attend (primary or secondary schools) and give classes on some of the training they have received from Jobortunity.

This helps shift the mindset of the young people who then become impacted by such actions of generosity and as such inspires a ripple effect of giving back or paying it forward in their own community. After all, charity begins at home!

The mission is to reach out and touch as many in our community as we can by enriching their lives through the Hi5 approach, shifting mindsets, changing perceptions and in effect impact the way Tanzanians live or the better, mind and heart!