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" Educating the Mind without Educating the Heart is no Education at all. "

New class 2024B Jobortunity students

The Class 2024B Jobortunity students officially began their one-year Hi5 course on Monday, January 8, 2024. This cohort comprises 33 students who successfully passed the rigorous selection process conducted in June. The students have embarked on their Hi5 training journey with remarkable energy a...
8 July, 2024

Restructuring Jobortunity: A Step Towards a Brighter Future

On November 23rd, Jobortunity witnessed a crucial moment as its dedicated staff and newly appointed board members from Tanzania (Mr. Emmanuel Makwabe, Mr. Emmanuel Mawere, Ms. Monica Ndege and Mr. Bashir Mallya) and one member from the Netherlands, Mr. Hugo Snabilie gathered for a transformative ...
23 November, 2023

PUM Representatives

The PUM representative and country director came to Jobortunity to find out more about the services we provide. Our Finance and Administration Manager sat with them and updated them on Jobortunity numerous  accomplishments and objectives. Furthermore, they also had a glimpse of Hugo's advisory re...
16 October, 2023

Class 2022B Graduation

This September, 25 members of the class 2022B graduated after completing their one-year professional skills program. In the presence of their parents, distinguished visitors from Jobortunity partner firms, and the guest of honour, Mieke Oxner, the director of Kili Villas and Rhotia Valley Tented ...
15 September, 2023




Why Jobortunity? The obvious need for professionals and people with the right mindset in the work force in Tanzania prompted the need to meet this challenge with a practical solution. Thus Jobortunity was born, including a new-age solution tackling the skills gap challenge from an innovative angle: the Hi5 Approach. It proved that it is possible to bridge the gap between jobless (low-skilled) youth and companies needing professional staff simply by enhancing social skills and building characters. After 13 years of Hi5, 75% of graduates hold jobs in the service industry, have built a career, enhanced their own lives and the lives of their families, and contribute to society as respected members. And… there is more. The approach crosses ages, job positions, and education levels, making its potential extensive.

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Discover what Hi5 is and how we operate. Since 2009, when the idea was born, we have made great strides in delivering the Hi5 curriculum to hundreds of youth, employees, and communities.

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Kantona Jacob

Service Department
Fifi’s Restaurant

Kantona Jacob, a dedicated member of the Service Department at FiFis Restaurant, brings four years of invaluable experience to the table.

His remarkable journey owes its roots to Jobortunity, the organization that not only trained him but also played a pivotal role in securing an apprenticeship that ultimately led to a promising job contract. Kantona’s transformation began with his training at Jobortunity, marking a profound shift from a challenging background to a life where he could independently sustain himself.

Born in Karatu, with no support network at home, Kantona found himself living independently in Arusha. His early days involved hustling to make ends meet. Thanks to Jobortunity, his life underwent a significant transformation. The organization instilled in him the values of Hi5 approach with which, young Tanzanians are given an opportunity for a better life. His three years on-the-job experience were invaluable lessons in themselves. He learned to think creatively and “outside the box,” a concept deeply ingrained in him by Jobortunity. “I am eternally grateful for the life lessons I acquired, which continues to guide me in my daily life.Kantona

Kantona is always upholding the Hi5 values in his daily work. His four-year journey at Fifi’s Restaurant is a testament to his commitment to a future filled with opportunities, even if they unfold at a pace reminiscent of the little finger of Hi5. He approaches his path with a strategy of taking little but smart steps, a philosophy that serves him well in navigating his career and life’s journey.

Fiane Shoo

General Manager.
FiFi’s Restaurant

Fiane, General Manager, runs a well-established family business nestled in the heart of Arusha. With an impressive 11-year track record in the Hospitality industry, the establishment prides itself on its warm, homely ambiance that keeps customers coming back.

Her journey with Jobortunity began through a recommendation from Mieke, who introduced her to the organization’s visionary founder, Kim. Immediately recognizing the potential of this initiative, Fiane decided to engage with Jobortunity.

The impact was palpable when Fiane welcomed her first Jobortunity apprentice. Through their apprenticeship program, they nurtured “Gift” talent into becoming their star barista.  “Notably, Jobortunity’s students stand out from the crowd. From the very beginning, they exhibit exceptional qualities such as punctuality, polished presentation, humility, and a very good English language, she said.  Fiane has even picked up some of the Hi5 teachings herself.

What sets Jobortunity’s students apart is their ability to listen to instructions, their humility, and their adeptness at professional communication. Their values align seamlessly with the principles of professionalism, time management, humility, and peacefulness.

Her fervent desire is for Jobortunity to continue transforming the lives of Tanzanian youth. “I firmly believe in the organization’s ability to drive positive change and I am looking forward to seeing more young Tanzanians flourish through Jobortunity’s guidance.She concluded.

Fiane envisions a future where all her staff members share the same values instilled by Jobortunity. She sees them not just as an institute but as a beacon of professionalism and competence compared to others she has encountered.