" Educating the Mind without Educating the Heart is no Education at all. "


Breaking the cycle of generational poverty

We at Jobortunity believe that we are as much part of the solutions as we are part of challenges in our communities. So the Hi5 approach is a proactive aiming to solve those challenges. Because the youth become employable, and learn self sustenance and accountability, their lives and of those depending on them improve. This helps break the cycle of generational poverty. Many of the youths are able to provide new income generation in their families and add onto uplifting some of the burdens that poverty piles on their families. It’s amazing how well the youth who are Hi5 trained do in their lives because they are able to financially become independent individuals and successfully interact with others and develop.

Creating a talent pipeline for employers

The Hi5 approach was designed and developed by Jobortunity in Arusha to tackle the skills gap and prepare youth for the job market, entrepreneurship and support them to connect effectively with the world around them. The Hi5 approach emphasising professional attitude (21st Century Skills) creates a talent pipeline for employers in Tanzania for it enables companies to hire professional staff and as well train their current staff so that they can maximize their potential as such grow as institutions and individuals.

Developing the economy in Tanzania

Jobortunity works with youth from vulnerable and challenging backgrounds to create professional and employable staff. Through the Hi5 – 21st Century Skills Training, youth are given an opportunity to a better life. This directly impacts the economy of our country, Tanzania, in that jobs are attained and incomes are increased through those jobs. The lives of the young people are affected in the best way possible as youth aged 18 to 25 secure decent employment in companies, feel professionally fulfilled in their working environment and live balanced and meaningful lives.

The Hi5 Approach

Why Jobortunity? The obvious need for professionals and people with the right mind set in the work force in Tanzania prompted the need to meet this challenge with a practical solution. Thus Jobortunity was born including a new age solution tackling the skills gap challenge from an innovative angle – THE Hi5 APPROACH.  It proved that it is possible to bridge the gap be­tween jobless (low-skilled) youth and com­panies needing professional staff simply by enhancing social skills and building characters. After 10 years of Hi5 75% of graduates hold jobs in the service industry; built a career; enhanced their own lives and the lives of their families contributing to society as respected members.  and…there is more: “The approach cross-cuts ages, job positions and education levels, making its potential extensive”.


Get to know how you can apply to our centre and get a chance to be part of youths that are able to make a positive difference in themselves and cause a ripple effect of the same back to their commuities.

We have come from far. Ever since 2009 when the idea came to its inception, we have made huge strides in imparting the Hi5 curriculum to hundreds of disadvantaged youth.


The Hi5 Story Book

The Hi5 story book is final ready. It is a good read about the Hi5 approach and the many success stories of youth who underwent Hi5 training here at Jobortunity.Please feel free to download the soft copy but we highly encourage you to get in touch with us and get the hard copy.

News & Updates

  • Class 2019B Graduation Ceremony - Friday 29th January 2021
  • 2019 - 2020 Annual Report
  • The Hi5 Book is ready - please visit our support page and make a donation of your choice and we shall send you a copy of the book.
  • Jobortunity Income Donation Sources
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