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" Educating the Mind without Educating the Heart is no Education at all. "




Why Jobortunity? The obvious need for professionals and people with the right mindset in the work force in Tanzania prompted the need to meet this challenge with a practical solution. Thus Jobortunity was born, including a new-age solution tackling the skills gap challenge from an innovative angle: the Hi5 Approach. It proved that it is possible to bridge the gap between jobless (low-skilled) youth and companies needing professional staff simply by enhancing social skills and building characters. After 10 years of Hi5, 75% of graduates hold jobs in the service industry, have built a career, enhanced their own lives and the lives of their families, and contribute to society as respected members. And… there is more. The approach crosses ages, job positions, and education levels, making its potential extensive.

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Discover what Hi5 is and how we operate. Since 2009, when the idea was born, we have made great strides in delivering the Hi5 curriculum to hundreds of youth, employees, and communities.

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