Restructuring Jobortunity: A Step Towards a Brighter Future

23 November, 2023

On November 23rd, Jobortunity witnessed a crucial moment as its dedicated staff and newly appointed board members from Tanzania (Mr. Emmanuel Makwabe, Mr. Emmanuel Mawere, Ms. Monica Ndege and Mr. Bashir Mallya) and one member from the Netherlands, Mr. Hugo Snabilie gathered for a transformative meeting at the organization’s premises. The primary agenda was to strategize and implement a comprehensive restructuring plan for Jobortunity.

The event kicked off with engaging quizzes and lively presentations, providing the new board members with valuable insights into Jobortunity’s operations, mission, goals, and its distinctive Hi5 approach. They also gained a deeper understanding of the organization’s notable achievements.

Mrs. Kim Groeneweg, the founder and moderator, revealed a new organigram that charts the course for Jobortunity’s new organizational structure. The restructuring includes the addition of crucial roles, such as social work and business development, aimed at addressing challenges the organization has faced.

One significant announcement that resonated with enthusiasm was the introduction of a new director, Mr. Ansbert Rutashobya addressing a key challenge of leadership void within the organization. The collective brainstorming during the meeting paved the way for a collaborative effort to outline steps for Jobortunity’s successful future.

As Jobortunity embraces these changes, the commitment to its mission remains unwavering. The restructuring reflects a dedication to adaptability, ensuring the organization remains at the forefront of creating opportunities and making a positive impact towards a bright future for disadvantaged Tanzanian Youth.