Why is Hi5 the Key of life?

Jobortunity uses two core approaches: 3H and Hi5, emphazising 21st century skills and personal development of individuals. These approaches are used with youth, teachers, employees, manager, etc.

The 3H & Hi5 Approach

  • Head

    Knowledge of employment industry and own capacity

  • Hands

    Technical & Employability skills (apprenticeship)

  • Heart

    Positive and Professional work attitude

Jobortunity focuses on the heart (attitude) in combination with giving students new insights and understanding about the job market and employment (knowledge). It facilitates skills training through an 8-month apprenticeship program in partnership with companies.

Thumb Finger

Have a Positive & professional attitude

Index Finger

Have a Goal & Direction

Middle Finger

Stand Up & Be proud

Ring Finger

Be Loyal & A Team Player

Little Finger

Take Little but Smart Steps


The main focus in Jobortunity is on ’the heart’ i.e. attitude therefore the entire curriculum is set up around Hi5, a training method guided by fingers of one’s hand. All students’ development is recorded and analyses are done using a Hi5 Tracking system. Jobortunity developed more than 100 training lessons. For example in Thumb finger we teach about being professional by taking responsibility, work ethics, how to present yourself and understanding the importance of time management.