Hi5 a way of working - a way of training

Hi5 Outreach Programmes

Hi5 is ‘a way of working’, ‘a way of life’ and ‘a way of training’ suitable for anyone looking for employment but also anyone with employment. Staff development is needed for high quality company performance. Jobortunity offers attitude training for service companies. We practice what we preach. We are attitude trainers, with a focus on behaviour and its results. That’s who we are and what we do. We do not tell your people what to do, but we motivate them to do so and we are an example.

The Approach

We build professionals and support companies to create and maintain a stimulating working environment. We do this by:

  • Analysing the actual and desired situation through a quick scan
  • Advising on a plan for personal and organisational development
  • Training and Coaching of people

We work with companies towards motivated staff with a positive and professional attitude using our Hi5 Method. These services render income for Jobortunity and have been the most income generating project up today. The customers have been hotels, lodges, NGOs, a hospital, a tour company and national park.

See aside the most common problems companies face with staff and the desired situation we aim to help them achieve:


Jobortunity actually changed the attitude of my staff

Lodge Owner



Be the right you for the right job

Hi5 Job Matching

Hi5 Job Matching is the new service offered by Jobortunity Personal Development Institute to companies in the hospitality industry. It builds the bridge between our graduates and the companies we work with.

Jobortunity has in the meantime trained about 350 young Tanzanians with a vulnerable background and 75% of them are working in the hospitality industry as waiters, cooks, receptionists, storekeepers, customer care officers and gardeners. Around 100 young students are still in training and will become available for a job as soon as they finished their 1 year Hi5 Training for Youth which includes an 8-month practical training in one of the 150 companies we work with. Our graduates are young professionals in the hospitality industry with the right attitude for the right job.

Sometimes graduates want to make a switch in their career and are looking for another nice job, the next step in their career. We know our graduates, and we can advise you!  What are your needs and which profile has the candidate you are looking for? For all those questions we come up with the right solution and advise you who to choose because we had all our graduates in class for a whole year. We know them. Their strengths but also their weaknesses!

Hi5 Job Matching can really help you in your search for the right staff.  If you are interested and want to know more, just call we gladly inform you about the terms & conditions.

Job Matching Team

+255 682 819 891