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Hi5 is ‘a way of working’, ‘a way of life’ and ‘a way of training’ suitable for anyone looking for employment but also anyone with employment. Staff development is needed for high quality company performance. Jobortunity offers attitude training for service companies. We practice what we preach. We are attitude trainers, with a focus on behaviour and its results. That’s who we are and what we do. We do not tell your people what to do, but we motivate them to do so and we are an example.



We build professionals and support companies to create and maintain a stimulating working environment. We do this by:

We work with companies towards motivated staff with a positive and professional attitude using our Hi5 Method. These services render income for Jobortunity and have been the most income generating project up today. The customers have been hotels, lodges, NGOs, a hospital, a tour company, and national park.

See aside the most common problems companies face with staff and the desired situation we aim to help them achieve:

Staff not being on time and not communicating problems
Accurate work and timing
Disagreements between employees and managers/ customers / other employees
Think and act in solutions instead of problems
Staff that doesn’t see the bigger picture and doesn’t take their colleagues into account
Commitment to the team and company
Staff not putting the customer first, not offering solutions to customer problems/ questions
Customer service with head and heart
Staff not building long lasting customer relations, not detecting customer needs, not selling enough
Sales and customer loyalty
Jobortunity actually changed the attitude of my staff
Lodge owner
Jobortunity actually changed the attitude of my staff
Lodge owner