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Jobortunity is an Arusha-based training and career development center. It focuses on upscaling community youth to give them the opportunity to become professional employees in the service sector.

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The 1-year Hi5 Professional Development Course is designed by Jobortunity and trains youth that are motivated to obtain employment ...
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Hi5 is a way of working, a way of life and a way of training suitable for anyone looking for employment but also anyone with employment. Staff development is needed for …
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For any graduate to be successful in obtaining a job and developing a career interpersonal and employability skills are key for all students to possess: …
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As part of the Hi5 approach, Jobortunity gives back to the community and we are able to teach this to our students through the Pay it forward idea as …
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Find out what Hi5 is and how we work. Ever since 2009 when the idea came to its inception, we have made huge strides in imparting the Hi5 curriculum to hundreds of youth, employees and communities.

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